Saturday, 26 January 2013

FMP | Laura Ashley S/S 2011 Catalogue

Although I couldn't add the entire PDF download (as unfortunately the file could not be shrunk, and it was a little too large to upload via Issuu), I recently downloaded the Laura Ashley S/S 2012 catalogue via their own website to get a feel of both the print- based, and home interior collection within their archive, but also looking at how their branding and typographic/editorial/layout devices are used throughout the publication to support the Laura Ashley brand.

As expected, the design is very minimal, clean, and yet contemporary- balancing the classicism of the brand and it's familiar elegance and femininity with modern interior design, with a very photographically- heavy publication, which is something that both Steph and I can hopefully work on through a range of mock-up designs and photographic set ups, both with researching and sourcing images from Laura Ashley stores, as well as setting up own own staged designs in a studio environment. 

Really excited to get started on the design aspects, working with something that will relate to the Laura Ashley brand, and give a nod to the familiar style, yet also set apart the new collection/range to entice and excite our target audience of female homeowners, aged between 25-45.

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