Thursday, 31 January 2013

FMP | Seasonal Flowers

This morning I spent some time researching seasonal and British flowers that could potentially be the research and still life horticultural flora and fauna that Steph and I could go on to use as a study throughout the design development of the proposed, hypothetical, Laura Ashley S / S 2013 Home Interiors Collection brief.

Through the study of Spring and Summer flowers of Britain, some of the most beautiful and distinctive / characteristic, such as (as shown throughout the selection of images sourced, below) Scilla, Muscari, Magnolia, Hyacinths, Lilac, Spiraea, Wood Amemone and Alluim boast a range of purple, pink and creams within their petals and foliage, which I think would be a perfect colour palette for the often very feminine and quintessentially English Laura Ashley brand.

I will propose this, along with my found research, to Steph throughout our next meeting.

FMP | Online Florists

Spending some time this morning researching online florists, again, in support of generating research and a potential design direction in terms of defining a colour palette for the Laura Ashley S / S 2013 Home Interiors Collection brief, working in collaboration with Steph Lawson.

Even through searching just a couple of online retailers, the general style and bloom of flowers was evident, with a bold and bright colour selection, with yellows, pinks and purples most evident (though perhaps could be toned down for a more pastel shade to suit the existing Laura Ashley print and design archives), with flowers such as azaleas, daffodils, roses and pansies making a regular appearance.