Monday, 28 January 2013

FMP | Hannah Crowson Questionnaire Response

This evening, one of the clients I am currently working with, Hannah Crowson, got back to me with answers for the questionnaire initially sent out to try and develop a further understanding of the brief and the brand identity, which this has certainly gone on to do.

From the questionnaire, I've established that despite a short time in the industry, Hannah has a clear passion and love for what she does, and with the correct branding and marketing, I feel as though this could really be achieved. She has a clear passion for unique and quirky decoration, particularly with an "upcycled" or vintage- esque feel about them, with clients, therefore, not being determined by budget.

Over the next couple of days and over into next week I hope to work on developing a range of logo designs, and want to particularly research recycled papers, which I feel would work perfectly in balance with the use of sustainable and recyclable materials (as used by her contemporaries) that Hannah has cited as inspiration.

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