Wednesday, 23 January 2013

FMP | Paul Danks Logo Generation

Despite recently deciding to abandon the brief, as I felt it didn't particularly have enough scope, room for design development, and felt it was a little repetitive of other briefs I am currently also pursuing throughout the OUGD303 Final Major Project module (Alex Warren Architecture and Hannah Crowson Wedding Planning), I felt it would be worthwhile to document the initial logo designs carried out for the Paul Danks Property Development brief before this decision was made.

With the client's initials and the title of his career, I felt it would be fun to play on the characters in a type as image style, and quite readily came up with the idea of using keys to represent his private rental and lettings business, and felt happy with the logo, albeit generated very quickly in regards to my usual time spent on the initial stages of brand visuals.

Keeping in balance with the rounded shape of the key icons and letterforms of the 'p' and 'd', I decided to use the typeface BPreplay, which has a friendly, through still professional, minimal, sans serif feel, which I felt was appropriate for the clients personable approach to his business, with the highest quality and diligence assured, with the proposed concept of a silver colour palette, to reflect both the metallic key colour and a sense of quality, though far more understated than say, a gold colour palette might be.

Again, although I've decided to abandon the project, I liked my initial ideas and the direction that it may of headed, so would be happy to continue with the brief, time permitting, although, at this point, it is not a major priority.

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