Monday, 28 January 2013

FMP | 28|01|13 Briefing Notes

Notes from today's briefing with course leaders Fred Bates and Amber Smith.



* Email BA_Graphics email (Tom) with our statement of intent forms by Friday, 3PM. Also need to print a copy off for our project files and send any over 1MB files to this email, and notify Amber and Fred in a separate email, if necessary, in the future.
* Prep and print all branding work for folders and submission (edit OUGD301 files).
* Need to have identified all briefs and start contextual researching... need to inform design decisions.

Categorise general research for DC... (e.g.)

* Branding
* Print
* Web
* Typography
* Editorial
* Photography

Statement of Intent... (etc.)

* Pressision
* Leeds Print Festival
* Shrewsbury Antiques & Haberdashery
* Qubik
* Tayburn

* Make tags for individual brief context (blog sections).
* In 2 weeks, tutorials will show our work so far- concept boards, test sample pieces, etc. necessary.

* Times for portfolio surgeries will be put up after the briefing session.
* 30 minute portfolio session... purely to get feedback on our work, have an idea of what you want to talk about.

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