Monday 27 May 2013

FMP | OUGD303 Submission Form

Submission forms for the completion and evaluation of work and progress throughout the OUGD303 Final Major Project module.

FMP | OUGD303 End of Module Evaluation

Written form for the OUGD303 Final Major Project End of Module Evaluation.

Sunday 26 May 2013

FMP | Design Context Bibliography

The full source links list for each of my projects throughout the Final Major Project OUGD303 Module.
All links are relevant and also sourced on each of the relevant blog posts, found through both the individual Brief Context tagged posts, and the OUGD303 DC tag, where published dates are also relevant to access dates.

Saturday 25 May 2013

FMP | Design Context Publication

The finalised design for my Design Context publication, divided into two books entitled 'Design for Designers' and 'Design for Client', (rotated, and split into two books) with image case studies and interviews which look at how to maintain and achieve successful working relationships.

All images have been source linked within the text from the projects originally researched and blogged as part of the Design Context (OUGD303 DC) aspect of the Final Major Project brief.

Hopefully to get printed within the next couple of days via Blurb ( at A5 scale, softcover bound.

Friday 24 May 2013

FMP | Design Context Publication Images

After recieving my Design Context Publication via Blurb ( earlier in the week, I was really happy to see the results of the research and study coming together in the Design for Designers | Design for Clients publication, complete with image case studies and interviews from various designers.

Although generally happy with the outcome, in hindsight, I would have liked to have spent a little more time over it, giving more focus to the subject matter and also in my attention to detail in print production- a couple of images, in particular, being ever so slightly pixelated, which is a little frustrating, but a good lesson.

Submitting with the OUGD303 Final Major Project module on Wednesday.

YCN Professionals Award by Craig Ward

YCN Professionals Award by Craig Ward

YCN Professionals Award by Craig Ward

Curtain Call by Robbie Porter

Curtain Call by Robbie Porter

Brand Stationary by Heydays

Brand Stationary by Heydays

FMP | Paul Danks Property Development Submission Boards

Submission boards to be submitted on PDF for the additional branding brief, Paul Danks Property Development.

Despite only having the one strong image I wanted to use from photography yesterday, I think it works quite well for such a condensed brief, and being able to get some of the printed design deliverables across in terms of the colour palette and application of the logomark onto brand stationary.

As I wasn't able to get a few elements, such as the tenant welcome pack, printed yesterday (due to running over my digital print slot due to the busy pre-deadline rush), I have decided to switch this brief with the Alex Warren Architecture brief as a "significant brief" as the work and variety of this brief, in regards to developing the website was more considered.

FMP | Laura Ashley S / S 2013 Home Interiors Collection Submission Boards

Submission boards for the collaborative Laura Ashley S / S 2013 Home Interiors Collection brief with fellow BAGDer, Steph Lawson.

Pretty happy with how these boards have turned out- largely thanks to all of Steph's great work mocking up, and producing the wonderful watercolour images for the repeat pattern designs, which, without, my role within the brief would have been far more challenging!

A great opportunity for me to get more experience working with editorial design, and mocking up proposals for advertisements and web-based design. 

All in all, a really enjoyable brief, a very enjoyable collaboration, I'd be very happy to work with Steph again in the future.