Tuesday, 22 January 2013

FMP | Contacting White Cloth Gallery

After the group meeting this morning, I sent an email along to the team at the White Cloth Gallery in Leeds to enquire as to potentially setting up the Geek Table exhibition from the 10th - 17th May of this year in order to showcase our work both to the general public and industry, as well as having more of a focus and drive for promotion and the marketing of our work for the brief.

Having participated at an evening/gallery showcasing at the White Cloth Gallery before, I'm familiar with the space in particular, and feel that it would be a great way to present our work on a professional platform, and, again, build more industry contacts (with the staff at White Cloth).

Currently, on their online site (which is regularly updated) there are no specific dates set for May, so, hopefully, by securing a date early (if they are interested in working alongside of us), it will gives up plenty of time to prepare and promote the gallery exhibit, along with a special opening night for both industry and the general public. 

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