Wednesday, 27 February 2013

FMP | Hannah Crowson Applied Brand Logo

The designs developed and sent through to Hannah for approval. Although a quick mock up, I think that the rose petal print design has real potential, and could be something really great from a brand perspective, as well as being a really different stock, for me, to work with, and develop my professional practice and experience of industrial production.

Looking forward to hearing feedback from Hannah. At this point she seems really keen on the brand mark developed to date, and I hope we can really get the ball rolling with the design outcomes soon.

FMP | The Exotic Paper Company Ltd.

This evening, I spent some time developing potential design directions and outcomes for the branded stationary for the Hannah Crowson Wedding Planner & Decoration brief. Knowing Hannah's background and design specialism within upcycled and "DIY" weddings, I thought that using recyclable materials in her stationary would be a great way to visually communicate her style of decoration work, as well as being a great talk point, and a memorable keepsake for the prospective clients to whom they are given.

Familiar with the brand, I went onto The Exotic Paper Company Ltd website, I discovered that, along with their acclaimed animal poo papers, they also sell petal print papers, which I thought would be perfect for Hannah's romantically-themed business, and could be something really tactile and beautiful for her stationary, and a design that she could really take pride in.

I also discovered that the petal paper also extends over an envelope and gift bag range, which would be ideal. I also discovered that they sell confetti envelopes, but sadly their paper is now discontinued. This may have been an excellent coincidence and find too far!

I'll spend more time this evening developing proposal designs and sending them over to Hannah for feedback.

FMP | A Thing of Beauty Blog

Inspired by yesterday's Design Context group crit, this evening I re-made a Tumblr design blog (having made one in the past, but then gone on to use it solely for my own work) for my inspirations and aspirational work in design, film, fashion and photography (all industries of which I have a huge affinity and affection for).

I hope that maintaining this blog will help me to really focus on my inspirations, the design I love, and what drives my own personal practice. Towards the end of the module, the sourced imagery will be documented throughout my publication, demonstrating both my influence and my hopes for my future professional practice.

FMP | Envelope Samples

After seeing a friend and fellow BAGDers samples, yesterday, I ordered some envelopes from, and, just one day later, amazingly, they had arrived with me. With a wonderful array of textures, colours, types of seal, and effects (some pearlescent, and others even lined with high-reflective, metallic stock), I was really impressed with the variety and the wonderfully considered swatch designs the packs were organised into.

When it comes to producing the design deliverables for my client-lead briefs (particularly, at this stage, thinking of the Paul Danks Property Development brief, and potentially the Hannah Crowson Wedding Planner brief), I will certainly look to to order samples, as I'm really impressed with the quality and detail they boast.

FMP | Design Context Group Crit

Notes from today's group Design Context crit, lead by Programme Leader and tutor, Fred Bates, and with fellow BAGD students Baljeet Samra and Jamie Flear.

I ended up leaving the crit feeling really inspired, and with a much more distinct and clearer understanding of the module, and what I hope to achieve from it.

I'm really looking forward to creating a much wider scope for my Design Context research, and applying it to my printed design outcome.



* Make sure briefs don't lead context. 
* Don't be too narrow.
* Design for an informed audience...high spec print and production (specialise and focus).
* Applied branding and high spec print production (specialism).
* Be innovative and open up your inspiration... look at the BIGGER PICTURE.
* Cross over inspiration and the overview. 
* My two conflicts are: DESIGN FOR DESIGNERS vs. DESIGN FOR CLIENTS (Freelance/Studios, etc.)
* Contact studios with questions to develop insight and practice (contextual).
* Ensure your research makes sense critically and evaluate on your blog.
* Consider how we gather text from both primary and secondary sources... focus on primary.
* Spend time working on it EVERY DAY.
* The design context will drive our practice in the long run.
* What influences me? Don't question it, do it!
* In 3/4 weeks... Make a presentation, What I've done, What I'm doing, What I've got to do...

FMP | Geek Table Brief 1 Redesign

Yesterday evening I worked on a quick redesign for the Geek Table brief, taking advice from the crit earlier in the week, and deciding to decreased the scale of the print from A3 to A7 to emphasise the visual irony of the phrase used 'The best design doesn't need to shout'. 
For the exhibition (if the print were to be used) I would also attach a magnifying glass so it could, again, act as an interactive tool to get people actively involved and emotively responding to the design and print outcome.

Monday, 25 February 2013

FMP | Editing Jessie Leong Photographs for Web

This evening, after my meeting with Jessie earlier today, I spent some time converting the transferred photography files to 72dpi RGB for web (as the pictures will be uploaded for her website). Usually, I would ask a client to do this process (as it is often very timely, and my macbook can't handle all the open files at once...) but I made an exception at this point due to Jessie's hectic timetable (the more work she produces, the merrier for both of us in terms of building her portfolio!). Fortunately for me, a great deal of the images were SOOC, and therefore just needed a check, and cut my time dedicated to the conversions down a great deal.

FMP | Design Context Crit Boards

The design boards in preparation for tomorrow morning's Design Context Crit session. Admittedly, quite quickly put together, but with full organisation and preparation for one of the five categories /chapters of which I am proposing for my Design Context publication.

Along with a vast array of printed media I have collected over the past weeks and months, tomorrow I will showcase these boards (also along with the existing Design Context work on my blog) to receive feedback about my existing source material and potential design direction.

FMP | Questions for Design Context Crit

Written questions for specific feedback and support in tomorrow's Design Context crit.


1. Are my categorisations of research too general, or too vague? Should they be more specific?
2. Are my sources of research varied enough?
3. Are there any specific editorial outcomes or methods of delivery that you personally think would suit my design work to document my design context research?

FMP | File Transfer for Jessie Leong Photography Website

Today I had the opportunity to meet up with Jessie in order to transfer over some files to start putting together files, and organising images for her online portfolio website.

With such a significant body of work from her ever - expanding creative portfolio, we will have to be incredibly organised with the content, but hopefully both of our meticulous natures will ensure that we can not only have the website looking as professional as possible, but also incredibly efficient in terms of it's navigation and ease of use for the viewer.

Really looking forward to getting the website live!

FMP | Geek Table Crit 1

The crit sheet (as kindly designed and printed by Geek Table member, Beth) for today's crit to the rest of the design group.

This gave a great opportunity to see everyone's work and concept development at this point, and although we had each conveyed and visually communicated the brief a little differently, there was definite connections between the work, and it was great to see everyone's skill set so wonderfully, and diversely portrayed.

I was really pleased with the feedback given, and know that once I have the opportunity to experiment with print processes, it will be far more representative of my Geek Table 'persona', as well as my own, personal style and design direction as a Graphic Designer.

As well as the responses and feedback to this week's design brief, shown on the scanned in PDF crit sheet (above), we have also specified the targets for next week's brief which is inspired by 'In the Zone' (how we get into the zone for work/design), and we each have the restriction of an orange colour palette.

Looking forward to getting started!

FMP | 25|02|13 Briefing

Notes from today's briefing with course leader, Fred Bates.



* 10am Friday meeting with BA (Hons) Printed Textiles & Surface Pattern design tutor, Duncan (for PDF Yearbook).
* Putting together definitive guidelines after this point.
* Design Context group tutorials... TUESDAY/WEDNESDAY/THURSDAY this week. Planning ahead for w/c 18th March. In groups of 4/5...bring all print outs/potential chapters and sections looking at, etc.
* Sign ups for group tutorials available by the end of the day.
* Crits to be held in tutorial room.
* Organise all materials for context and sort into categories... Print/Branding/Type/Editorial/Image & Surface Pattern Design/Web Design.
* Take key research off blogs...high spec briefs, packaging, etc. Some examples and definitions of what you mean.
* Bring a set of questions to direct the focus of your feedback from the crit.

FMP | Outdoor Advertising & Promotion

MINI Christmas Box
By Martjin van der Werf


As part of my design development and deliverables for the proposed brief upon which I hope to rebrand the Shrewsbury Flower Show, I hope to promote the rebrand and design through a range of promotional media, including outdoor advertising. 

I want to create designs that are both financially viable (from the perspective of the Flower Show), and which can work on both a large, and smaller scale, and ties into the brand, both in it's personality, and the visual communication.

Some examples, researched as part of my design context, shown above and below, demonstrate some existing projects and creative outdoor advertising which I really admiring, going beyond the typical bus and train station shelter advertising to create interactive, playful and innovative design, demonstrating the effectiveness of clever marketing and advertising design. 


Think Red Think Heinz
By Tiffany Nagger

Carlsberg Beer Crate
By Georgi Kasabov

Clyde's Burger
By Stefan Poulos

FMP | Next Printed Textiles

As part of the research and design development for the proposed Laura Ashley S / S Home Interiors Collection 2013 brief, I have decided to source other examples, both through shipped/posted items, and online links, to printed textiles and surface pattern design outlets.

One notable example, the high street store, 'Next', has a fantastic array of bold, and often simplistic designs, with bold colour palettes is repeat pattern designs that work wonderfully as feature wallpaper samples and as feature walls in an otherwise neutrally-coloured room. Also, the simple set up designs of the room make for great photographs, with a feature piece of furniture (often a chair) with a similar, or matching colour palette which really brings out the design.

Hopefully, when it comes to the time that Steph and I produce our own designs and photographically documentation, we will be able to achieve something of a similar, if not even higher standard.