Thursday, 24 January 2013

FMP | Portfolio 2013

Today I finally got round to updating and redesigning my portfolio, with the addition of new work and projects and, most importantly, in preparation for some important studio visits and portfolio surgeries commencing next week.

I decided to keep the portfolio really minimal, like my work, reflecting my ethos of simplicity= effectiveness, as well as only adding the projects which I felt were really significant or demonstrate my design work well, hence having just six projects in there (perhaps a concern, but I feel positive that by the end of year show there will be at least another 3/4 projects to add from the Final Major Project module, along with other personal work). 

As the printing was been cut quite fine (with James in print at Uni fully booked up for this and next week), I decided to take the recommendation from a friend and fellow BAGDer, Baljeet, to use Dox Direct printers online. Despite being based in South Africa, prints can be sent, and received, anywhere in the world within 24 hours. Although, of course, it is costly, it's certainly worth it in regards to the quality (as shown in Baljeet's portfolio) that I'm assured will be produced.

I'm really happy to finally have a portfolio that I can start to feel proud of, particularly with the addition of more personal and developed projects, and I look forward to hearing feedback during the surgery sessions next week.

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