Friday, 18 January 2013

FMP | Yearbook Re- Pitch Meeting

Notes from today's 'Re- pitch' session, in which each of the groups not selected, yet pitched, for the designing of the BA (Hons) Graphic Design Yearbook, will go on to learn about the process of the Yearbook development and how we apply to work with other courses.



* Scan and make note of Yearbook Guidelines (see external sheet).

* Images need to be supplied by Assessment week in February.
* BAGD first has the (End of) Yearbook four years ago... "seized power" of design process for other courses. Sending out a common message about the degree programmes, but expressing the culture (bespoke/focused, etc) that reflects the individual courses.

* OPTION 1- Full print production (Designed by Easter).
* OPTON 2- Limited page/content (A1 duplex print sheet... more for less...).

* Approx £4 per copy for full print versions- more programme focused... works as an informative guide and keepsake for members of the course. 
*  Option 1 & 2 automatically are also supplied with a low res PDF.
*  Option 2 could be used as flyers, more cost effective, etc.
* All options end up getting PDF versions, not all are printed.
*  Option 1 | BAGD, Fine Art, Fashion.
*  Option 2 | Art & Design, Interior Design.
*  Option 3 | DFGA, Printed Textiles & Surface Pattern.
* Small run print element for Option 3 may be used to publicise the PDF, etc. 
*  In first course meeting, Fred & Amber will sit in. Course leaders CAN'T change their minds once information and design direction has been clarified.
* VIS COM are designing their own yearbook, and Photography & Creative Advertising aren't having Yearbooks this year.

* Use Leeds College of Art text-based logo (centre, bottom, back page). 
* Institution, course and year have to be on both the front and spine (bottom > top spine text).
* Helvetica has to be used for body copy (for legibility and readability).
* Muted, sophisticated colour palette... consider both the course and the college in terms of a suitable colour selection.
* 210mm x 210mm... square format | 210mm x 420mm in PDF format.
* The back page (colophon), leave for college information, programme leader info, etc. College info HAS to be in there. 
* All content for students has to be fair and equal.
* Body copy, student details and layouts are essential and instantaneous- photographs can come later. Courses will provide content up front. They proof this, check this accurately, etc.

* Contact Jessie re collaborative photography?

* Sometimes courses provide photographs- discuss content with tutors. If we take photographs they HAVE to be of a high quality. 
* Reference ALL work that is included- referenced to designers.
*  Proof reading needs to be signed off by the Dean before committing to submission/print- absolves us of the responsibility of any errors. 
* Check for all typos/errors throughout.
* We will need to submit a copy by Senior Management/Marketing before print for the final sign off.
* Organise and make responsibilities for the "latest version" of all copies.
*  IDENTIFY specific deadlines with BAGD- Manage project to hit these deadlines.
* Present ideas and keep a level of communication with course leaders on a regular basis. Email programme leader with all plans and discussions after meetings with tutors as a means of formal notification,
*  Any emails to course leaders should be Ccd with Fred and Amber.

*  If a student doesn't provide work by a set deadline, we have the power to not include them in the yearbook.
*  Any inclusions after deadline points are up for discussion from the specific design teams.

* Contact Fred and Amber re the fact that we're working with PT & SP (hopefully!) add a primary source (me, Sophie) of contact (from within our group)... PDF & Potentially working with print options.
* THINK ABOUT... It could be run through to other events, New Designers, etc... How could we expand it outside of the publication? How can we use this for the development of our portfolios? 
* Can feed out the branding to other elements, invites etc.

* BUDGET... Create designs possible within the budget. Move away from bespoke print processes to start with... too reliant on spending lots of £££. 

* Create mass produced, professional print (folding is often as, if not more, expensive than printing!)
* Be conceptual, and visually- driven.


* "Best in Show", "Cream of the Crop".
* Think flower shows, awards, rosettes... flowers, birds, the natural world... think CONTENT reflecting CONCEPT.
*  Think creatively about problems and solutions.

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