Thursday, 25 April 2013

FMP | Laura Ashley Illustrator Mock Ups

Before going into InDesign, I did some very quick mock up proposals for the magazine cover/promotional editorial design for the Laura Ashley brief, in order to be able to quick and efficiently change the type size and colour palette.

Using, as previously blogged, Steph's Photoshopped surface pattern design images (taken from previous Laura Ashley photoshoot catalogue/stock images), I played around with both the colour and combination of Laura Ashley vector logomark and Caslon Book Italic type used for our body copy to emulate, and pay homage to previous catalogue covers.

I think, in the case of my work throughout the editorial design, simplicity will be the real key, and letting Steph's proposed design collection and the photographic imagery do the talking, and to be complimented with the narrative and informative type.

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