Friday, 26 April 2013

FMP | 26.04.13 Yearbook Meeting Notes

Unfortunately I couldn't make it to the yearbook meeting this morning, due to print commitments, but I was really grateful that both Kirsty Hardingham and Kirsty Alderson, two of our yearbook team members were able to go.

From the feedback and notes passed on, the response for the initial designs for the yearbook seemed good, and really the main note was really to just keep developing the designs, and get proofs sent out asap, as well as checking the brand guidelines.

As my responsibility for admin and sending emails along to the tutors and course team(s), the important notes for me to remember are:

* Send all files to Amber from this point on (under 5GB).
* Send low res PDF to Fred today on
* Send Duncan PDF after, when complete today for proofing by Wednesday.
* Send Amber copy of the PDF when proofed to send on to the Marketing Department.

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