Thursday, 18 April 2013

FMP | 18.04.13 Group Crit

Today I was fortunate enough to be part of the year group crit (with half of the tutor group in today's session), not only having the opportunity to gain feedback from my peers, but also to see the work currently being pursued by the other designers, something which, keeping busy as ever, we don't often get the opportunity to do, but, to me, is always a pleasure.

For the crit, admittedly, I felt as though I didn't have a lot of physical work, largely due to just not getting into printing action, but fortunately had my blog up to date. I also added a list of questions and queries for specified feedback, which were:



1. Do my projects have enough range/variety in regards to deliverables?
2. Which formats/publications do you think would be most successful to document and showcase design outcomes? (Geek Table Collective).
3. Is Jessie's online portfolio ( too extensive? Should it be condensed?


Working in groups (I was paired up with Sam Edwards for feedback), we first went and discussed our briefs...briefly, and then gave one person within the group feedback. 
Shown above is the feedback given from both Steph Lawson and Sarah Roberts, which I'm really pleased with. Concise, detailed, and with lots of great suggestions for potential design deliverables and direction to consider, I'm really appreciative of the session.

As shown below is my response and action plan for the rest of the module. In brief... GET MOVING.

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