Wednesday, 17 April 2013

FMP | La Petit Macaron Envelope Designs

The proposed designs for the 160gsm La Petit Macaron brand stationary envelopes. Again, the design is kept simple and brand consistent with a repeat polka dot pattern on the special edition/gift set range, with the brand spearmint green and white colour palette.

The shape of the original DL envelope net has been elongated to emulate the shape of the macaron boxes and packaging (gift bags, etc.) and to add interest to the boutique range. Due to the nature of the shape of the envelope, an A4 letterhead on 160gsm stock would need to be folded down x4. This will be something to consider in my final deliverables as this may produce too bulky an envelope, and a not very elegant fit.

Looking forward to hopefully receiving some good feedback in tomorrow's crit session.

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