Friday, 26 April 2013

FMP | Laura Ashley Digital Fabric Printing

In preparation for digital fabric printing today, Steph, my collaborative design partner for the project, had sent me the original illustrator files for the repeat patterns she has designed for the proposed Laura Ashley collection, and I went on to format them for the University fabric print/disperse dye system.

Planning to create both a coffee table runner and cushion cover, we used both the iris and small pansy designs (1000mm x 500mm and 480mm x 960mm respectively), importing into Photoshop to layout in a 1 metre square TIFF file format to ensure cost-effectiveness and efficiency when printing.

Having gone down to print this morning, I'm really pleased with the results, and Steph's watercolour work has translated with real sophistication and elegance onto the silk habotai white fabric, with a light, delicate weight.

Really looking forward to picking up the steamed fabric on Monday, whereupon Steph has made a great connection (through her own personal briefs) with a haberdasher and seamstress who has kindly offered to help us finish and construct the design deliverables.

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