Friday, 19 April 2013

FMP | BA (Hons) Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design Yearbook Development Meeting

This morning we had the opportunity to meet with course leader Duncan to discuss the current development of the editorial yearbook design and our plans for the photography session on Monday next week. We were all really happy that he seems really keen on the design direction and concept, and now we feel we are really at the refinement stages. Written below are notes taken from the meeting, and the 'to do' list for Monday.



* Possibly be accepting USB digital files from students, consider this when photographing work.
* Events images and studio space- do we want to account for additional photography in the yearbook, make extra DPS's?
* Print off paper copy to check for spellings and names on Monday
* Cover is quite feminine... perhaps look at incorporating more blues and greys to neutralise.
* Any competition updates and details will be sent to us as and when they happen.
* Look at course web space for New Designers (future content for new material that doesn't yet exist... but will!) Arts Thread for course page.
* Studio group photo to be taken at 10am.

To do

* Add photographs.
* Hyperlinks need to have www. in front of them to be interactive- try and test all links.
* Doesn't need acknowledgements... take these out.
* Tutor names and course contact details in Duncan's email... look and add.
* Make check list for photographing on Monday and keep track and list of any digital files given.
* Send Duncan an email with latest design proposal and copy.
* Look for short run printers for 10/20 copies of the yearbook.
* Send PDF email by Tuesday for the course meeting (show tutors and third year reps).

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