Saturday, 20 April 2013

FMP | Alex Warren Architecture Website

Throughout this afternoon, I had a good opportunity to work with Alex on the development of the design of his portfolio website. Much like the rest of his brand development work, we found that it worked best when working directly with one another, with clear Art Direction and feedback opportunities, as well as easily being able to file share and transfer with one another to generate the content for the site.

Again, much like when working with Jessie, on the Jessie Leong Photography Website brief, we used Cargo as a template website to be both inexpensive and easily accessible and editable for Alex as his portfolio develops throughout the next year. He had clear direction and focus for the design of the website, keeping the colour palette and type consistent with his existing branding (Georgia, being used originally, with consideration for it's web safe credentials), as well as an image-heavy grided thumbnail structure that would be both easy to navigate and informative. 

I'm really happy with the progress we've made, and although, at points, we have no always necessarily agreed on design direction, I think we have worked together very productively and effectively, and I look forward to maintaing a working relationship with Alex in the future.

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