Monday, 27 May 2013

FMP | OUGD303 Submission Form

Submission forms for the completion and evaluation of work and progress throughout the OUGD303 Final Major Project module.

FMP | OUGD303 End of Module Evaluation

Written form for the OUGD303 Final Major Project End of Module Evaluation.

Sunday, 26 May 2013

FMP | Design Context Bibliography

The full source links list for each of my projects throughout the Final Major Project OUGD303 Module.
All links are relevant and also sourced on each of the relevant blog posts, found through both the individual Brief Context tagged posts, and the OUGD303 DC tag, where published dates are also relevant to access dates.

Saturday, 25 May 2013

FMP | Design Context Publication

The finalised design for my Design Context publication, divided into two books entitled 'Design for Designers' and 'Design for Client', (rotated, and split into two books) with image case studies and interviews which look at how to maintain and achieve successful working relationships.

All images have been source linked within the text from the projects originally researched and blogged as part of the Design Context (OUGD303 DC) aspect of the Final Major Project brief.

Hopefully to get printed within the next couple of days via Blurb ( at A5 scale, softcover bound.

Friday, 24 May 2013

FMP | Design Context Publication Images

After recieving my Design Context Publication via Blurb ( earlier in the week, I was really happy to see the results of the research and study coming together in the Design for Designers | Design for Clients publication, complete with image case studies and interviews from various designers.

Although generally happy with the outcome, in hindsight, I would have liked to have spent a little more time over it, giving more focus to the subject matter and also in my attention to detail in print production- a couple of images, in particular, being ever so slightly pixelated, which is a little frustrating, but a good lesson.

Submitting with the OUGD303 Final Major Project module on Wednesday.

YCN Professionals Award by Craig Ward

YCN Professionals Award by Craig Ward

YCN Professionals Award by Craig Ward

Curtain Call by Robbie Porter

Curtain Call by Robbie Porter

Brand Stationary by Heydays

Brand Stationary by Heydays

FMP | Paul Danks Property Development Submission Boards

Submission boards to be submitted on PDF for the additional branding brief, Paul Danks Property Development.

Despite only having the one strong image I wanted to use from photography yesterday, I think it works quite well for such a condensed brief, and being able to get some of the printed design deliverables across in terms of the colour palette and application of the logomark onto brand stationary.

As I wasn't able to get a few elements, such as the tenant welcome pack, printed yesterday (due to running over my digital print slot due to the busy pre-deadline rush), I have decided to switch this brief with the Alex Warren Architecture brief as a "significant brief" as the work and variety of this brief, in regards to developing the website was more considered.

FMP | Laura Ashley S / S 2013 Home Interiors Collection Submission Boards

Submission boards for the collaborative Laura Ashley S / S 2013 Home Interiors Collection brief with fellow BAGDer, Steph Lawson.

Pretty happy with how these boards have turned out- largely thanks to all of Steph's great work mocking up, and producing the wonderful watercolour images for the repeat pattern designs, which, without, my role within the brief would have been far more challenging!

A great opportunity for me to get more experience working with editorial design, and mocking up proposals for advertisements and web-based design. 

All in all, a really enjoyable brief, a very enjoyable collaboration, I'd be very happy to work with Steph again in the future.

Thursday, 23 May 2013

FMP | Hannah Crowson/WedThings Submission Boards

Submission boards for the Hannah Crowson Wedding Planner/WedThings significant brief.

Again, a little disappointed at the picture quality on my part and inconsistency with the lighting, but unfortunately, despite editing, little can be done at this late stage... apart from learning how to use studio lighting over the summer to go on my to-do list...

FMP | La Petit Macaron Submission Boards

Submission boards for the 'La Petit Macaron' significant brief.

A little disappointed that I could get more of an appropriately- composed image for the first board, but nevertheless, I'm generally happy with the outcome and deliverables range produced in what is probably my most significant brief (in terms of the body of work) in this module.

FMP | Jessie Leong Spring Summer 2013 Submission Boards

Submission boards ready to be printed tomorrow morning, complete with mock up web-based design proposals and website, along with photographic detail and shots of print-based media, as shot and edited this evening.

FMP | Withdrawal of Brief for Submission


After the photographic studio session today, I have decided against submitting the Geek Table brief for formal evaluation. Although I had fun working on the briefs, I feel that the body of work produced hasn't been extensive enough in comparison with other briefs or developed to an extent I would like to show in my portfolio.

I'm really glad I got the opportunity to work with the girls, and gave a really good insight into collaborative work, and the chance to work on quick-turn around briefs once again, as in both first and second year, which was always something I particularly enjoyed.

FMP | Photography Studio Session

This evening I was fortunate enough to have a booked session in the photography studio to document my work (and the work I have partaken in collaboration with both Steph Lawson and members of the Geek Table Collective brief [Baljeet Samra, Claudia Griffin, Beth Yates, Sarah Pritchard, Lisa Whitaker, Kirsty Hardingham and Kirsty Alderson]) in order to design my submission boards for print tomorrow.

At this point, pre-editing, I feel happy with a lot of the images, and am really happy to see all the work coming together after three years of study- a really exciting time.

FMP | Laura Ashley Collaboration Form

Collaboration self assessment form, completed with design partner, Steph Lawson (source linked blog above), originally written out by Steph (who was very kind and diplomatic with the distribution of marks!). I was really happy with the outcome of the brief, and feel proud of the work we've done together, and hopefully this will reflect in the module outcomes and assessment.

FMP | BA (Hons) Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design Yearbook 2013 Submission Boards

Submission board proposal for the collaborative BA (Hons) Printed Textiles and Surface Pattern Design Yearbook 2013 brief, working with Claudia Griffin, Kirsty Alderson and Kirsty Hardingham, with image of the cover, an inside DPS, and website proposals which were independently developed as an extension of the PDF yearbook.

Definitely the most simple of my boards, but still hopefully communicating the collective work by the design team.

Wednesday, 22 May 2013

FMP | Brief Significance Shift

Despite this late point, I have decided to shift the "significance" of my briefs, now making the Alex Warren Architecture brief a significant brief, as oppossed to the Paul Danks Property Development brief. Although I do like the latter brief in regards to visual outcome, I feel that with the addition of the website and blog, the Alex Warren brief has more scope and also a higher quality finish in the products manufactured.

FMP | WedThings Cargo Website

Spending time working on designs producing the Cargo-based website template for the WedThings brief.
At this early stage in the business, a portfolio of work and images is yet to be fully developed, therefore, I decided to stray from adding too much content at this point, but merely providing an outline for what Hannah can upload and publish at her own time. As a result of this, the purchased domain name,, is yet to be transferred over, and the Cargo website, as shown in mock ups here, remains unpublished until the client is ready to use and activate the live site.

Features on the site include heart-shaped thumbnails (as shown above) for visual consistency with the branding, along with the 'WedThings' logomark on the index page, Georgia font body copy for web-safe and search engine sourced information, testimonials, contacts, portfolio, and a blog section, where Hannah can maintain a more informal means of showcasing her inspiration (as on sites such as Tumblr and Pinterest also), with source links shown below (both on the website and this blog post).

Considering the time constraints, I'm quite pleased with the results of the site, and although I would have ordinarily liked to have spent more time developing the website (from scratch, if not from a template), I still feel confident that it is of true reflection and character of the brand and visual brand identity/deliverables.

Source Link

FMP | WedThings Facebook Page

A quick task this evening in putting together the template for a Facebook page for the WedThings wedding decoration brand. Again, like the existing Twitter account, the heart icon and repeat pattern "polka dot" design has been used to tie in with the brand visuals and to give a playful character and aesthetic. 

To be used to promote the brand, products and upcoming events for the client in an informal, but direct media.

FMP | WedThings Blogspot Account Design

Along with her other social media outlets, one of the most important devices Hannah has been using to promote her wedding decoration practice, now known as the brand 'WedThings', is Blogspot, which is uses to engage with readers and demonstrate her various designs and wedding decoration ideas.
Although, so far, it was effective in communicating her ideas, there was no real visual identity for the page.

Again, like both Tumblr and Twitter, the visuals have been carried through from the developed branding with a logomark header and black and white colour palette. Although the repeat pattern heart background, like Twitter, was attempted to be applied again here, I feel that the images, like Tumblr, should really do the talking, and the background, if anything, was distracting from that. So, again, keeping it really stripped back, and providing a clear platform to showcase Hannah's images and designs.

FMP | WedThings Twitter & Tumblr Mock Ups

Despite having worked on both the personal Tumblr blog page and Twitter account for Hannah Crowson/the WedThings brand a couple of weeks ago now, I have only just got round to mocking them up in time for designing my boards for print and submission next week. 

Here, showing the consistentcy of the type, and, in particular, the heart "polka dot" repeat pattern used throughout social media to maintain a visual consistency in bold black and white colour palette for digital design, and printed on kraft paper stock for office supply and stationary deliverables.

All images shown mocked up on the Tumblr page can be originally sourced through the blog:

FMP | Laura Ashley British Horticultural Collection LookBook / Catalogue

The proposed Laura Ashley LookBook Catalogue for The British Horticultural Collection range, showcasing the Spring Summer 2013 hypothetical design range, documenting the design work created in collaboration with Steph Lawson for the brief.

The cover was inspired by a charity shop Laura Ashley catalogue find by Steph, from early on in the module, which used a simple repeat print in a canvas stock, which we felt would be great inspiration to show the bold patterns and contextualise the range and sample images that would be shown throughout the publication.

Thanks to Steph creating the surface pattern designs, mock up in situ images and editing photographs from a product shoot, today I was able to put together the proposed editorial publication, with layout design generated from previous promotional and web-based proposals, and taking reference from existing products on the Laura Ashley website for pricing and name titles, etc., along with creating a tone of voice for the written introductory body copy.

Although, ideally, I would have liked to have spent more time on the design, I'm happy with what has been achieved in a day, and really grateful to Steph for all the hard work she has put in from the start in generating the great patterns and imagery for me to work with. 

Tomorrow I hope to get the publication printed (or, at very least, a few spreads for photographing) for submission next week.

Initial design considerations and test editing screenshots shown below.

FMP | Laura Ashley Website Contextualisations

Quick design proposals for the contextualisation of the LookBook images on the existing Laura Ashley website, with sub-brand appropriate Caslon font, along with the brand colour, selected for gift bags, tags and stickers, as designed by collaborative brief partner, Steph Lawson, along with the invitation to the collection preview designed and printed yesterday.

One of our aims at the very start of the brief was to contextualise our print and product outlines to be appropriately in situ with the existing Laura Ashley brand and product range, and thanks to Steph's delicate illustrative designs and mock ups (using existing Laura Ashley catalogue photography), I think the outcome has worked very well, and is truly in keeping with the Laura Ashley aesthetic.

Web banners and navigation proposed also in keeping with the existing Laura Ashley webpage designs (two screenshots shown at the bottom of the page, source link to website above).

FMP | Laura Ashley Web Advert

Mock up for the Laura Ashley British Horticultural Collection web advert, with composition and style inspired by both the existing proposed billboard ads and the editorial layout of the invitation card design.

Mocked up in context on the Interior Design website,

FMP | Printed Laura Ashley Event Invite

Documenting the printed outcome for the Laura Ashley British Horticultural Collection Event Preview invitation, designed with the typographic detail found throughout the promotional and editorial deliverables I have produced to date (with Caslon as the bold, uppercase type, along with the existing Laura Ashley brand logo), and using collaborative design partner, Steph's illustrative floral print as a repeat pattern design background within the inside fold of the invite itself, along with 600gsm duplex invitation card to the proposed event at the Stratford-upon-Avon store.

Tuesday, 21 May 2013

FMP | Laura Ashley Preview Event Invite

Proposal for the invite design for the hypothetical Laura Ashley British Horticultural Collection preview event at the Stratford-upon-Avon flagship store. Developed with the colour pattern and floral designs created by collaborative design/brief partner, Steph Lawson for consistent branding and visuals.

FMP | WedThings Print Developments

Documenting print developments made yesterday for the WedThings / Hannah Crowson Wedding Planner brief, having made a few changes and compromises in the past week, particularly in the change from screenprinting to digital printing (largely to be able to pick up the fine details and weight of the type).

Although changes have had to have been made, I'm actually really happy with how the brief deliverables are coming together, with a simple, yet bold, playful design which I think suits both Hannah and her upcycled approach to wedding decoration well, with attention to detail throughout, such as the heart-shaped hole punch, which I hope will really make the deliverables stand out.

I'm looking forward to getting all deliverables (just a couple more designs to print) finalised and photographed on Thursday to present for the module submission, and, of course, to Hannah, next week.