Monday, 20 May 2013

FMP | PT&SP Proposed Website Design

Mock up proposals for a hypothetical website to showcase the work of the BA (Hons) Printed Textiles & Surface Pattern Design degree programme, extending the brief on from the existing collaborative brief with Claudia Griffin, Kirsty Alderson and Kirsty Hardingham in produing the PDF Yearbook Design.

Using the 'Champagne & Limousines' font, as selected by Kirsty A, along with the (expanded grid) cover design by Kirsty H (with a colour palette developed from initial designs by Claudia), I have proposed for an extended portfolio website, showcasing the work of each of the students on the course in a square grid structure, reflecting the layout I originally devised, largely determined by the yearbook publication 210mm x 210mm format.

In situ, I have shown the work of degree student, Hannah Bowen (, with beautifully intricate illustrative designs in vibrant colours which I thought worked wonderfully in balance with the cover design palette.

The proposal for interactivity would include both the left-hand side navigation bar and the squares each being designated to a student (alphabetical order, l-r), and once clicked, it would open up a new project page, showcasing a selection of projects.

Body copy for the last image ( is taken from the University website, documenting information about the degree programme and an introduction from 'Team Textiles'.

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