Monday, 20 May 2013

FMP | WedThings Changes to Print Deliverables

After a few very busy days of printing and finalising designs for submission and designing submission boards themselves, along with numerous other factors, some compromises have had to have been made throughout the deliverables and aesthetic outcomes in briefs.

Notably, in the WedThings / Hannah Crowson Wedding Planner print outcomes, we had proposed to print white ink on kraft paper stock through screenprinting. However, through ink stamp tests we found that the readability and legibility of the ink type was too compromised, and therefore, we have settled on using digital print black ink (as initially proposed) for the stationary. Although, of course, this isn't as "upcycled" or "DIY" in appearance as we'd hoped for with the more tactile, textured screenprint effect, the kraft paper stock will still add a really natural and craft-like feel to the overall range of brand deliverables.

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