Wednesday, 1 May 2013

FMP | Jessie Lookbook Content

After our brief meeting this afternoon, Jessie and I had the opportunity to discuss her latest projects in her photographic portfolio, and which to showcase throughout her printed outcomes and, in particular, the order in which they would appear throughout the Lookbook, hoping to create a 'Pow Sandwich' (as I call it) with the most high-impact, or the projects which Jessie is proudest of at the beginning and end of the publication for the most visual impact on the audience/client and to help maintain interest throughout. 

We also hope to develop the publication in terms of more narrative from Jessie, as her work has gone on to be more focused and personable throughout the past months, and also showing her inspiration throughout the year so far as she has developed a more refined taste and client base, and now really understanding the sort of projects she enjoys working on, and wants to push further throughout her personal and professional practice.

Details and body copy shown below:
ALSO NOTE: All images to be shown in original colour (not B&W) throughout printed stationary range.



1. The Middle
2. British Born Jess
3. Brudenell Social Club, Leeds
4. Blue Rinse
5. Fenwicks
6. Spectacle
7. The Nymph
8. Expectations, Temple Newsam
9. The Fallen Screen Godess


* Inspiration "cloud"
* Contents
* Photographic Projects
* Conclusion
* Testimonials
* Colophon & Credits

JESSIE CONCLUSION (Conceptualised together, copy-written by myself)

I'm open to new ideas, new proposals, and new challenges, and I enjoy experimenting and exploring various commercial briefs and concepts.

Throughout my professional practice, I anticipate particularly working with

* Avant-garde Fashion
* Bespoke Brands
* Challenging Locations and the Extreme Outdoors
* Creative Directors
* Fashion Stylists
* Graphic Design & Advertising Studios 
* High Fashion 
* Structural Forms
* Videographers & Cinematographers

For potential commissions and collaborations, please get in touch.

+ 44 (0) 7944 256 903


Inspiration. Character. Narrative. Storyboards. Ambitious. Expectations. Big hair. 90's grunge. Dove grey. Dark lips. Bold Graphics. Contrast. High gloss. Glossy waves. The Silent Screen. Beauty dish. Victoriana. Stately Homes. Downton Abbey. Lady Mary's eyebrows. Miss Haversham. Great Expectations. Literature. Dark Romance. Avant-garde. Aristocracy. Attitude. Spectacle. Bubble gum pop. Pow! French New Wave. Caf√©  Culture. Milkshakes. Medium format. Identity. Greek Mythology. Chinese culture. Asian fusion. Doppelg√§nger. Twins. Ta-dah! On location. In studio. Clients. Word of mouth. Collaboration. Online. Viral. In demand. Jessie Leong Photography.

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