Wednesday, 1 May 2013

FMP | Jessie Leong Envelopes

This morning, setting out to work on the early stage developments for the re- freshed Jessie Leong Spring Summer 2013 brief, I decided to kick start by buying envelopes.

In the Jessie Leong Photography brief carried out in the last OUGD301 Design Practice III module, we originally proposed to print black lined envelopes, but they proved to be both difficult to print (with a heavy ink absorption) and expensive. Therefore, I went to purchase some online from world of envelopes. However, the black lined envelopes use a 'fancy paper' stock with a texture which doesn't represent or have as much attention to detail and consistency with the other sleek and glossy products in the brand stationary and print based range as we would of liked.

Therefore, I have instead chosen to buy both black and white 'diamond' envelopes (see screenshot below) which will still communicate the high quality and finish that Jessie's work stands for.

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