Tuesday, 7 May 2013

FMP | Laura Ashley Advertisements


Working on developments for the Laura Ashley Spring Summer Collection campaign advertising (print and outdoor), with bus, train, billboard, and magazine advert.
Using the typeface Caslon, in various weights, developed for the branding, various slogans promoting spring and the "opening" of the proposed collection opening event are promoted at the Stratford-upon-Avon store, with Steph's patterns and Photoshopped living room designs used as the background image.

Hopefully this week I can go on to print the magazine ad for mocking up in a photo shoot of the products Steph has developed with the repeat pattern print for submission.
Overall, I think the consistency and minimalism works well and adheres to the Laura Ashley brand, looking bold, fresh and clean. The billboards, for me, are a little too industrial, but fortunately I think we will have enough variety throughout the deliverables to work with.


Laura Ashley Adverts

Laura Ashley Magazine Advert

Laura Ashley Billboard Adverts

Laura Ashley Billboard Advertisement Mock Ups

Laura Ashley Bus Advertisement Mock Ups

Laura Ashley Train Station Advertisement Mock Ups

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