Tuesday, 14 May 2013

FMP | PT&SP Business Card Proposal

As I go on to extent upon the Printed Textiles & Surface Pattern Design Yearbook brief, I have decided to explore more elements of branding and editorial design and layout, the latter of which has been my main responsibility in the collaborative brief with Kirsty Hardingham, Claudia Griffin and Kirsty Alderson.

In this series of proposed business cards, taking inspiration from the cover design by Kirsty H, with a colour palette inspired by an original design development by Claudia, I have proposed for each student to have a business card in a colour correspondent to the cover design, where each square can be placed together on a table top to replicate the cover design of the yearbook, ensuring for brand and visual consistency.

In this instance I decided to use Helvetica, which was used for the body copy of the yearbook, as the typeface used for headers 'Champagne & Limousines', as used by Kirsty A throughout various quote pages in the yearbook, as some of the details of the letterforms were lost at this small a scale, though would work well over various other large-format print.

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