Wednesday, 1 May 2013

FMP | Jessie To-Do List

The written to-do list for Jessie in order to gain all of the necessary content for the print and web-based deliverables for the Spring Summer 2013 additional brief in time for next week in order to get print produced and returned to me for the time of project submission (deadline by Tuesday next week).



* Transfer all pictures for print. Projects include: The Middle, British Born Jess, Brudenell, Blue Rinse, Fenwicks, Spectacle, The Nymph, Expectations, Fallen Screen Godess.
* Write up credits (MUA's, Assistants, etc.) for all of the projects.
* Send any additional testimonials to me (outside of existing testimonials shown on the website).
* Write introduction narrative for each of the projects (how the project came about, your experiences, more personal information).
* Write up additional project descriptions for projects not yet published on the website.

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