Monday, 20 May 2013

FMP | Paul Danks Print Edits

After resolving and finalising more of the brand stationary and printed outcomes for the hypothetical Paul Danks Property Development brief, I was disappointed, in test prints, to find that the impact I had hoped for in the silver-on-white colour palette was lost, and, personally, I felt it didn't convey the luxury and attention to detail that I feel the landlord, and client, represents in his attention to detail and care.

Therefore, I decided to change the colour palette to black and white, naturally, in increasing the level of contrast within the colour palette creating a more high-impact and punchier design, which I think is well suited to the "black and white" personality of the client's business; in respecting his tenants, being honest, direct, helpful and approachable, with a definite "what you see is what you get" attitude and integrity. 

I have gone on to apply the colour palette throughout the existing branding and stationary at this point, and hope to digitally print and document the deliverables throughout the next couple of days.

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