Tuesday, 18 December 2012

FMP | FMP Briefing.

Notes from today's Final Major Project briefing with Course Leader, Fred Bates; concluding on the year so far and the preparation needed for the return to college in the New Year.



- Put together portfolio for portfolio surgery/review week.
- Studio briefing on 7th January (module briefing).
- PPD tutorials with John and Andy on 8th January and for FMP 10th January.

- Yearbook briefing on 9th January, short pitch/presentation to Amber, Phil and Andy.

- All FMP briefs/blog posts to be tagged as OUGG303, more information on e-studio in necessary.
- FMP is made up of design context and design practice (20 week module).
- Design context becomes a published document.
- Start to pull together key influences for our practice -starting point for design context, as well as the kind of work that we want to produce (to show in portfolio review, etc)... printed, CD, or website.
- Up to ten briefs... plan and consider over the Christmas break to create a focused body of work... live, collaborative, etc.
- FMP blog needs to be set up by the time we're back- ALL work (context/practice) goes onto the blog this year.
- FMP blog posts need to be tagged as either design practice or design context.
- Format URL for blog is: www.s-wilson1013fmp.blogspot.com (Add link to blog homepage).

- Select and propose briefs with rationale.
- If you win pitches/shows then the development counts.
- Develop a core, underlying theme that determines your practice (print and branding...branding ethics, promotion, marketing, cultural sector, etc).

- Complete statement of intent form for OUGD303 which can be found in the FMP section of e-studio (submitted on 1st February 2013).
- Complete OUGD303 Preparation & Proposal- Pt 1 sheet about general themes/subject matter that influences our work and design practice etc...
* Methods of distribution, etc.
* Design disciplines for area of focus.
* Design skills I have, want to develop, and how I will.
* Texts and research.
* Proposed briefs.
* Notes and lists of briefs for current consideration.
* Sectors to work in (retail, educational, etc.)

Friday, 14 December 2012

Leeds College of Art Year Book | Brief

The full, given brief for the 2013 BAGD Yearbook pitches, which I will be working on alongside Kirsty Alderson, Kirsty Hardingham, and Claudia Griffin (please excuse the orange juice and marks... I can't take me anywhere) over the festive break, and on our return to college in the New Year.

The nature of the yearbook pitch works as each group within the Graphic Design degree group works towards pitching for the Graphic Design yearbook. One group will then be selected according to their concept and delivery in pitches to the tutors, and then all other groups will be distributed amongst other course groups throughout the college.

Really hoping to come up with something fun, innovative and exciting which represents the students of the course, and that we feel we can really support and get involved with.